What we currently do to reach out and fulfil Jesus’s CALL?

  • House churches and home Bible studies weekly
  • Children and youth ministry every Thursday
  • Teenagers, Scouts, Summer Camps on August.
  • Bible studies for Family Ministry and special meetings for couples.
  • Compassionate care for the disadvantaged orphans and disable children with clothes and food.
  • “Gospel outreaches to various locations in Montenegro.
  • Ministry of the surrounding towns:
    1. Lirie…Bible studies, children’s meetings (30-40 children attending)
    2. Shtoj and Bardhaj…two Bible studies for men & women.
    3. Kiras and Dobraç area…two Bible studies with women and children’s ministry.

Christian Commitment

Emanuel Community is a Center created on Christian Precepts, aiming to serve people, especially poor ones, regardless religion, race and ethnicity. Its services aim to help poor people to help and educate them develop a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and develop a prayer life.

Every Sunday, each person is invited in our open cultural meetings, Christian themed, through all the year. We also organize big public events, Christian themed, during the year, especially on Christmas and Easter time. We believe that love and a personal relationship with God will transform our relationships with other people.

Education of the New Generation

One of the goals of Emanuel Community is to educate the new generation. The growth of their spiritual relationship with God will directly affect the development and education of children, teenagers and youth. We are trying to achieve this by continually training the youth through the year. One of the patterns in training teenagers and college students is through different Camps in Nature. In this way we have a chance to educate the new generation on the importance of their relationship with God, and also caring on their intellectual and physical development.

At the Camp of Emanuel Community I was really challenged, to be close to people almost my age and looking at the need for God’s Word.

Empowering of the Family

Also, the goal of Emanuel Community is to empower and train families as a family as the main aspect of the society. During the year we are having different meetings with Christian speakers on the empowering and training of parents, especially those with pre-school children.