Albania .. Land of Eagles

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. Romans 1:16

About Albania

Shkodra is between Alps and Adriatic, located in a northwest of Albania, Sea. Shkodra is rich agricultural area of North of Albania near the Montenegro border and has a population of 120,000 in the city and around 300,000 people with including the rural areas. Shkodra is the fourth biggest city in Albania. The major sources of income for the city are…agricultural, sewing clothing, seasonal work in Montengro.

In the early 1990s, Albania ended 46 years of xenophobic Communist rule and established a multiparty democracy. The transition has proven challenging as successive governments have tried to deal with high unemployment, widespread corruption, dilapidated infrastructure, powerful organized crime networks, and combative political opponents.

– Although Albania’s economy continues to grow, the country is still one of the poorest in Europe, hampered by a large informal economy and an inadequate energy and transportation infrastructure.
– The total population of Albania is 2,821,977 (2011 census), and for the first time, the population living in urban areas (53.5%) has exceeded the population living in rural areas (46.5%) with Tirana and Durres as the largest population centres.

After decades of rigidly enforced atheism under the Communist regime, the majority of Albanian citizens are secular in their orientation. But despite this, most citizens traditionally associate themselves with a religious group. Albania presently has full freedom of religion and is working to provide a place again for religion into its national life. According to recent preliminary census results, respondents were: 56% Sunni Muslim and 2.1% Bektashi.
Muslim citizens form the largest religious group and are organized under the Albanian Muslim Community, an independent body that regulates the practice of faith across the country. Many Albanians of Muslim background also associate themselves with the Bektashi community, a separate entity representing a liberal form of Shia Sufism, recognized by Albanian Government. 6.7% Orthodox and 10% Catholic.
The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania and the Roman Catholic Church are traditionally the two Christian denominations in the country. Historically, the Orthodox community is concentrated largely in the South/South-east of Albania, while Catholic parishes are located in the North. 0.14% Evangelical.
There is a small but growing protestant and largely evangelical community that has its origins in post-Stalinist international missionary activities. More traditional protestant churches (e.g. Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian or Methodist) are largely absent.

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About us

“The Evangelical Community Emanuel” is a Christian Community which works to bring a stable development and stability of a person, family and society. Our work is mainly focused on the new generation, especially with poor people, regardless ethnicity, religion or race.
The Evangelical Community Emanuel started it activity in 2014 in Shkoder, Albania.

Our mission

Emanuel Community’s goal is to empower the new generation in a way that will change them and will transform their spiritual and social life, in their families, community and society. We are committed to challenge the injustice structures and to protect the poor, orphans and widows especially among people we are working with. In order to achieve this, Emanuel Community has given priority to these three main sectors: Christian Commitment, Education of the new generation and the Empowering of the family.

Our Values

  • We are Christian
  • We love and appreciate people
  • We are administrators
  • We are coherent
  • We are positive
  • We are cooperative
  • We give our best